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2628.   Subsequence
Time Limit: 0.5 Seconds   Memory Limit: 65536K
Total Runs: 4231   Accepted Runs: 2175

Given a string s of length n, a subsequence of it, is defined as another string s' = su1 + su2 ... sum where 1 ≤ u1 < u2 < ... < umn and si is the ith character of s. Your task is to write a program that, given two strings s1 and s2, checks whether either s2 or its reverse is a subsequence of s1 or not.


The first line of input contains an integer T, which is the number of test cases. Each of the next T lines contains two non-empty strings s1 and s2 (with length at most 100) consisted of only alpha-numeric characters and separated from each other by a single space.


For each test case, your program must output “YES”, in a single line, if either s2 or its reverse is a subsequence of s1. Otherwise your program should write “NO”.

Sample Input

arash aah
arash hsr
kick kkc
A a
a12340b b31

Sample Output


Source: Local Contest of Amirkabir UT 2006
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